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Golden dog rope leash

Leash gold

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Brighten up your walks with our golden rope leash ! You and your furry friend will not go unnoticed with this color. Light, flexible and resistant, this dog leash is handmade.

Size guide

Our rope leashes are available in two versions. You have the choice between a classic single leash or a multi-position leash. The multi-position leash has two carabiners and several attachment points allowing you to adapt its length according to your needs: short leash, long leash or even to carry it over the shoulder.

Single leash: 180cm
Multi-position leash: 120cm, 170cm and 240cm


Rope: 100% Oeko-Tex® polypropylene
Gold hardware: 100% brass
Silver hardware: 100% chrome-plated brass


Hand wash with soap and water. Rinse well, wring out in a towel and let the leash air dry.
Do not tumble dry.

Leash gold